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After the devastating tsunami in Japan a massive radiation from the nuclear power plant occurred. We realized that the existing nuclear power plants are insufficiently protected from natural disasters and that they jeopardize the environment. We wanted to contribute with ideas by developing a new technologies that would produce electricity from unused renewable sources.

Inovator Tomislav Tesla focused on lowland rivers, a concrete example of the Danube as a European river that is underused in terms of water flow regulation and electricity production.

From the initial idea in the past years, we have developed a commercially profitable cascade hydropower plant. With its installation, the cascade hydroelectric power plant completely solves the issue of floods, and on larger rivers it solves the permanent use of the waterway, with additional benefits both for the market economy and for the progress of the environment in and around the river.  You can see that in a separate section.

The already existing reservoirs in the upper course of the river, downstream, regulate the flow of water in the river, which is necessary for the optimal operation of cascade hydroelectric power plants. With the use of our innovative solution, we can make the existing reservoirs permanent, and not temporary construction facilities. Current reservoirs have a limited lifespan due to the accumulation of river sediment, which reduces the volume of water storage from year to year.

Innovator Tomislav Tesla has patented a solution for automatic cleaning and maintenance of reservoirs from already deposited sediment without the use of additional energy, and only the natural drop of water in the river is used. The solution is suitable for continuous maintenance of water intake and reservoirs for water supply of the population, because the applied technology maintains water quality at the required level. You can see everything in a separate section.

The application of these two technologies resulted in sustainable positions of reservoirs and rivers, which are then cleaned from plastic and surface waste with the help of running water, without the use of additional fuel. The innovator noticed a natural sequence of events for the development of fisheries. And we succeeded in that, fish can be grown in a natural environment in unlimited quantities. Both in freshwater and on the high seas with the help of underwater platforms from which fish are regularly fed in natural conditions, when it needs it 100% using industrial food.

With the development of the technology of the cascade hydroelectric power plant, it was noticed that it can be used on the relocated place of the bay. When the tides start working, the hydroelectric power plant starts operating at a water height difference of 1.4 meters, while it reaches full production at a water height difference of only 2 meters. This technology can provide the UK with significant energy potential for renewable energy in the future, which is completely unused. You can see the application of the technology in a separate section.