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With the legacy which Nikola Tesla  left to us, we want to complete his already applied technology by joint cooperation with his cousin Tomislav Tesla. This story becomes interesting because the technologies are already working, they are commercially applicable and architecturally inspiring for construction. As in the time of Nikola Tesla, our primary goal is not personal enrichment, but commercial cooperation with existing companies in the field of energy. The desire of investors is to cooperate, give our contribution so that we on the planet have reason to rejoice and be happy, both with new technological achievements and coexistence with Mother Nature.

Our managers are open to a simple and concrete agreement, so that the technology can be massively produced and implemented in different parts of the world. Culture and languages ​​may separate us, but it is technology that unites us in common interests.

Through joint cooperation, we can regulate river flows and use them for human, plant and animal needs. Clean the existing reservoirs for intensive and natural fish farming, which in this case are fed in a completely natural way. When it comes time to catch with the correct calibration of large fish, the young fish is provided with a safe environment until full age. With this approach and implementation of technology, we would protect plant and animal species permanently, improve and protect what you can see in special sections.