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500 MW reversible hydropower plant in Albania

Albania has a favorable geographical relief and significant reservoirs have already been built in the riverbed, which can be used for energy. With an innovative approach with the installation of additional MW, more than 1,000 MW generators can be used for the needs of reversible hydropower plants.

Natural Lake Skadar can be used as a source and accumulation of water, which would be used for the needs of innovative reversible hydropower plants located in the Drim riverbed.

Skadar Lake has an area of 370,000,000 m², located at an altitude of 6 m above sea level.

The artificial lake Fierza has an area of 73,000,000 m², located at an altitude of 290 m above sea level.

The hight  difference between Skadar and Fierza lakes is approximately 280 m, which depends on the intensity of consumption and inflow of water into Lake Fierza, as well as the operation of existing hydropower plants on the river Drim.

The pumping of water from Skadar Lake would be regulated with the course of the river Bojana, the estuary of the river Drim and the river Bojana and the estuary of the river Drim with the Adriatic Sea, in the places where the necessary pipelines and canals are installed.

A constitution would be set up to regulate the entry of water into the Bojana River from Skadar Lake, by setting up a movable barrier that would regulate the oscillation of water levels in Skadar Lake by 1 m.           370,000,000 m² x 1 m = 370,000,000 m³ water storage in Skadar Lake.

Water from Skadar Lake would be pumped into Vau and Dejes Lake, via existing dams.

Water from Vau and Dejes lakes would be pumped into Komani Lake, via existing dams.

Water from Komani Lake would be pumped into Fierza Lake via the existing dam.

The water level in Fierza Lake now has an oscillation of up to 15 m, with an area of 73,000,000 m² it can store 1,100,000,000 m³ of water that is periodically pumped from Skadar Lake.

Because of this innovation, EPS has given up on the planned construction of HPP “Đerdap 3”!

The total installed capacity of the existing three hydropower plants on the Drim River is 1,360 MW, which can be upgraded with an additional 500 MW of generators. At that time, the designed and installed capacities on the Drim River would have a total generator power of approximately 2,000 MW. With an innovative method of construction, all seasonal, overflow waters would be collected and used to generate electricity.

500 MW generators would use a maximum water flow of 200 m³/s. The amount of accumulated water in Fierza Lake with a maximum operation of 500 MW generators in (10 h) daily mode, would be sufficient potential for electricity production in a period of 150 days. Additionally, the water would be periodically filled and emptied from the reservoir, depending on the amount of precipitation.

The installed mode of operation of the 500 MW generator would be used for the purchase and storage of surplus electricity produced in the Balkans, the purchase and storage of electricity produced in the night mode of operation of regional thermal power plants. They would be used as storage for energy obtained from future wind farms built in Albania.

A similar operating principle can be used on other rivers in Albania, including two artificial lakes located at the site of the Ulez hydropower plant.

Hydro power plant Djerdap 3 is planned for construction Upgrading of the existing three hydro power plants on the river Drim
Installed power 2,400 MW  Installed power 500 MW
 Installed flow is 400 m³/s Installed flow is 200 m³/s
Serves for quarterly equalization of electricity in Serbia Serves for annual equalization of electricity in Albania
Uses the Danube River for water abstraction, additionally builds 2 artificial lakes that do not have running water from the river Uses Skadar Lake for water abstraction, uses already built 3 artificial lakes that have running water from the river
The total capacity of the reservoir is 578,000,000 m³ of water The capacity of part of one reservoir is 1,100,000,000 m³ of water
Ratio of accumulated water for installed 1 MW = 241,000 m³ of water Ratio of accumulated water for installed 1 MW = 2,200,000 m³ of water and more
The cost of construction is 6,000,000,000 euros The cost of construction is 500,000,000 euros
Construction time 6 to 10 years in stages Construction time 2 years
The time limit for the placement of capital is three times longer than the innovative method of construction The time limit for the placement of capital is three times shorter compared to the classic method of construction

Our mission is the realistic application of technology with architectural and technical solutions that contribute to the realization of the project as a whole.

Statement: “Upgrading of three hydroelectric power plants on the river Drim” has twice less installed water flow than the planned construction of hydroelectric power plant Djerdap 3, but it can completely equalize the annual electricity demand in Albania in times of high consumption. Already built reservoirs with dams are used, where there are no water losses due to drainage through the land. The capacity for using the volume of water is 2 to 4 times higher than Djerdap 3. The possibility of using stored water per installed MW is 10 to 20 times higher, which actively covers the operation of the reversible hydropower plant throughout the year.

Financial moment: The innovative 500 MW reversible hydropower plant is 10% of the price of a competitive hydropower plant, it is three times faster to build because the existing capacities are being upgraded. Investments financed with fast construction, give short-term repayment. Earnings, which are realized from the difference between the current unfavorable purchase of electricity when it is needed by the Albanian market, and future purchases that are realized in favorable market conditions, provide the possibility of repaying the invested funds from the credit engagement.

Note: With regular maintenance and cleaning of sediments, renewal of usable technological materials, the concept of using a future innovative system can last for centuries. Thus, existing and future hydropower plants can reliably supply electricity consumers in Albania, at a time when it is needed.