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Maintenance of water supply accumulation

Biological sediment in the river after two years becomes biodegradable, then very harmful to the ecology of the river. Current accumulations emit harmful gases into the atmosphere. The innovative solution enables automatic and constant removal of deposits. First by filtering the water with its natural passage through a small dam, then the removal of the deposited sediment follows.

The innovation provides an opportunity for the accumulations intended for water supply to be perfectly maintained with correct and purified water. So far that has not been the case.

The described innovative process of installation and operation of connected pipe systems requires several times less financial investment than existing solutions. There are multiple additional benefits for the accumulation itself compared to existing cleaning methods. The process of managing the self-cleaning of the water supply accumulation is done by the employees, who are accommodated in the engine room. The work process is automated.

The position and shape of alluvial deposits in a particular reservoir depends on the size and composition of the sediment of the basin, the shape and fall of the reservoir bottom, the amount and characteristics of sediment over time, the mode of accumulation, the occurrence of sedimentation and dams, as well as other features. The innovative solution can be applied in all the listed conditions of installation and suction of alluvial deposits, in such a way that the water level in the accumulation is higher than the position of the engine room. By the law of connected vessels and the difference in water levels, we get the flow of water from the accumulation, which triggers removing the deposits with the water flow.

Adverse consequences of sediments are measurable in the reduction of useful volume, creation of reefs that further reduce the hydro potential of accumulations, reduce esthetic and environmental qualities of accumulations, muddy and worsen water quality and other factors that adversely affect the quality of water for human consumption.

The innovative solution enables the necessary constant drainage and maintenance of water quality, when it enters the current accumulations. The solution is suitable for the construction of future accumulations. The innovation follows the generally accepted principle that prevention from environmental needs for removal of sediments in motion is better than later removal of already deposited sediments in the accumulation.

The innovation predict measures to control the backfilling of accumulations, which can be divided into two basic categories. Technical installation for prevention and prevention of deposition of most of the sediment in the reservoir when it is in motion, and technical solution for complete removal of already deposited sediment deposits from the bottom of the accumulation.

The technical installation for the prevention and prevention of the deposition of most of the sediment when it is in motion, is the removal of sediment in suspension during its passage through part of the accumulation. This is achieved by collecting the sludge in a controlled conical position with perforated pipes and equipment. By this solution, the formation of consolidated sediment is not allowed. Application on the accumulation for water supply requires the installation of an additional small dam above the existing dam, made of porous material. A small dam raises the water level and by this increases the height difference in relation to the water level in the accumulation. The water then passes through a small dam and is naturally filtered from impurities. This purified water is stored in the accumulation. Dirty water remains with impurities from the upper watercourse, which is stopped at a small dam. Dirty water is then sucked up and collected by perforated pipes, located on the body of the small dam and which are connected to the pipeline. Water with sludge is transported and emptied through pipelines to the place below the existing dam. Everything is shown in the sketch below.

The technology partly works as follows. The top view is shown with a possible scheme of installation of technical parts in the zone of the accumulation for water supply, where the shore 14 of the accumulation is defined with the level line 15 of the accumulation. The line of installation of the described pipeline, to the place of installation of the additional dam 31 which forms the upper accumulation 32. The small dam 31 is set as a barrier for controlled water flow. It is made of porous material with the possibility of accommodating industrial filters. The small dam 31 is in its position in the riverbed. It filters naturally polluted water coming from the upper river basin, and is the place of installation of conically laid pipes 33 from its upper surface. The laid pipes 33 are perforated, collect the rest of the sludge and sediment, carry it by the described method through the transport pipe 19. In this way, the sludge with water is transported across the dam into the downstream river stream 5. The water level in the upper accumulation 32 is higher than the accumulation level 15.

Technical conditions have been created for natural sludge removal and water filtration, when water passes through the body of a small dam 31 and is stored clean in the accumulation 15.