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Cleaning and maintenance of the reservoir for water supply

  • It is necessary to fix the project problem of water entering the accumulation, because the water in the upper river basin pollutes the environment;
  • This is achieved by building a small dam in the upper part of the accumulation;
  • A small dam would consist of stainless steel nets filled with gravel, then placed in water in an appropriate place;
  • A small dam would consist of two walls, an interspace is filled with sand or an active purifier;
  • The level of the upper part of the lake, due to the inflow of water, would have a greater height difference than the lower part of the lake;
  • Water that passes through a small dam, is filtered through sand and carbon, active filter;
  • The rest of the sludge and dirt from the upper lake is sucked up by innovative technology and emptied under the existing dam, without consuming additional energy;
  • The already described technology for water self-purification is implemented;
  • In this case, a suitable pipe for gas transport is placed below the water level, filled with water due to ballast and provided with cables for the associated anchorages, placed along the shore of the accumulation;
  • The outflow of water under the existing dam is under natural pressure, the already described law of action of liquids in connected vessels;
  • Water and sludge are sucked from the bottom of the accumulation now in detail in the revitalization, and in the future as needed;
  • The current level of the lake is used for suction of sludge and sediments, and when the water level drops in the upper part of the accumulation, a small dam is set up.